Westley Reese Amadeus Turns 4

Story time!

Four years ago, my spirited, determined little boy was born. I was going to just re-post his birth story, as usual, but I decided to do something different. I can share his birth story any time, but after 4 years, I have gained some perspective and experienced so many other interesting things besides his insane birth.

So about his birth. Once upon a time, 4 years ago to be exact, I had grown a 9 lb 6 oz child in my body, and somehow he had to get out. He was ready one day later than expected, and then he came into this world in the manner that he does just about everything: quickly, loudly, and with just a bit of violence. I mean, it’s true.

At 2am, my water broke, and my body preceded to go into active labor immediately. We made it to the hospital in time, but it did happen a lot more like the movies than I thought it would. 6 hours, no drugs, no sleep, lots of screaming. And that’s how we have spent the last 4 years, coincidentally! 😉

So here’s a little bit about my little man, the little 4 year old that he has become.

Westley Reese Amadeus likes to do things himself. He likes to make the decisions himself. If he can’t do it himself, it can’t happen. But over this last year I’ve figured out how to work with this, and it has been awesome. Over this last year, he has become a really good big brother, and actually offers kisses and lego-building lessons instead of pure jealous rage (but they still get into banshee screaming battles, because, 1 and 4…). He has decided that he loves things. All of the things!

He loves peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, of course. And he says his favorite vegetable is a tomato, but I think it’s actually bell peppers. His favorite fruits are watermelon and grapes. And his favorite sweet is dark chocolate. Chocolate chocolate chocolate.

His favorite movie is Star Wars, and his favorite book is Darth Vader and Son…..His favorite super hero is Batman…vs Superman. Apparently. That’s what he said.

His favorite transformers are Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, and Grimlock.

His favorite color is “Red and pink and stuff.”

His favorite songs are Blackbird and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

His favorite ship is the x-wing and the Millennium Falcon. He told me to ask that question; I didn’t come up with it.

He likes to watch Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, and Rescue Bots, and Dinotrucks, and this Batman cartoon that is probably a little too grown up for him. His favorite toys are Lego and dinosaurs. He loves playing outside, going on treasure hunts and going for a run, and kicking the soccer ball, and playing basketball (though, not a lot of basket is actually involved) and roller blading (though, it’s really more like walking.)

He loved playing the drums when he was little, but lately he is a little more interested in the guitar. Over the last couple of years he has started hating loud noise, which is ironic because he makes SO MUCH of it.

So, here’s to another year!

(and here are some more pictures for your viewing pleasure)



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